People all over the UK love the tailored support they receive from us, but don’t just take our word for it. Here, some of our clients share the reasons why they chose B-Compliant.

Holistic Pension Transfer Specialists

Defined benefit specialists HPTS are proof it’s possible to survive FCA scrutiny and return to unrestricted trading with the right compliance support.

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MacIntosh James and Partners

From supporting cast to starring role: Our hands-on approach to compliance support saved the day for wealth managers, MacIntosh James.

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Smith & Wardle

From mentor to member of the team, our director, Vicky Pearce, plays an integral role in the continued success of independent financial planners Smith & Wardle.

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Vanneck Ltd

B-Compliant’s collaborative approach to compliance is working perfectly for discretionary fund managers, Vanneck.

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David Bashforth

I met Vicky from B-Compliant at the Money Marketing Interactive event in Harrogate last year, where she was involved in various technical compliance sessions. I took the opportunity to have a more in-depth conversation at their stand, where I also met a few more of the team.

For several years, I had been disappointed with the impersonal compliance services we had been paying for. I felt that their solutions were not designed with my business in mind; we had no personal representative or point of contact and were simply another cog in the machine. One that didn’t particularly fit.

What I wanted was to work with a business that would invest the time to know and understand my business, and help us by, not just trying to fit a square peg into a round hole, but by actually building a compliance framework and supporting documents that work for us.

It’s early days in our relationship with Vicky and B-Compliant, but my business partners and I have so far been very impressed with the service and technical knowledge provided. We’ve also implemented some changes in our business, following suggestions from Vicky and the team, and for the first time in a long time, we can see compliance in a more positive light, as a tool to improve our business as a whole.

Kate Barnard

We are a small financial adviser firm based in the Midlands. It is very difficult to find compliance support that is not far too complex and expensive for our needs or too small, where we do not get the support we need, which is where we were at before we engaged with B-Compliant.

B-Compliant seem to have the balance just right for small financial advisers like us from a support and price point. They offer on-site visits or remote help, both of which are extremely helpful, and we have taken advantage of both.

Vicky and her team offer a no-nonsense approach to compliance where what you see is what you get. Perfect!

Debbie Jukes

We have worked with B-Compliant since their launch, and Vicky in particular understands our business very well. She has a great grasp of our business model, our procedures and the characteristics of individual team members. This means that the service she provides always takes into account how we work, and she communicates in a manner that suits us, providing common sense feedback and solutions relevant to our needs rather than a generic list of actions.

Her approach is specifically tailored to our requirements, and she is quickly able to identify what the priorities are and how best to address them. She is knowledgeable, confident, not afraid to give an opinion, and, perhaps most importantly, she is comfortable challenging our senior team on issues when appropriate.

B-Compliant has delivered everything that we expected, and then some – even at short notice. I feel that they have our best interests at heart, and I have complete confidence in the guidance they provide.

They have a flexible approach and a great work ethic, and I trust that the outcomes from all of the work the team does for us are always the right ones, based on our own needs and objectives and delivered with our specific firm in mind.

William Stevenson

The regulatory system is designed for enormous firms, not a little company like ours, which makes compliance a major headache.

What we want from a compliance consultant is threefold: to keep our compliance programme both up to date and (more importantly) effective, to offer solutions and not point out problems, and, yes, to be fairly priced! We get all three from B-Compliant.

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