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1 December 2022

Much like a doctor, a financial planner needs a good bedside manner. Knowing how to deliver good advice is as important as understanding what that good advice should be.

Most CPD focuses on theoretical and technical concepts, which is all well and good when it comes to expanding your knowledge, but how do you learn the skills to put the theory into practise?

Good news! Family members no longer need to act as guinea pigs! We’ve discovered a really great course that will help you hone the soft skills required for client interactions. It relies on observation-based assessments, rather than written exams, and is much more hands-on than the standard CII qualifications.

Practical CPD

Practical Investment Planning is run by training provider, Practical Financial Exams and provides 15 credits towards advance level six designation.

We believe it would be extremely beneficial for new IFAs or paraplanners working towards becoming an adviser. It could also be a useful refresher course for experienced IFAs who work on their own, as you are provided with feedback and advice on your presentation skills.

Assessment is based on performance criteria, not a study text, set out in the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework level nine Practical Investment Planning syllabus. The course itself can be broken down into three areas:

  1. Delivering effective and compliant pitches and fact find meetings. This covers how to structure and control client meetings, present and explain disclosure documents, agree objectives and the risk profile and explain the main features of investment strategies.
  2. Produce suitable investment plans for clients. In this section, you will learn to produce professional, compliant suitability reports and justify the appropriateness of your advice.
  3. Present your investment plans. This focuses on demonstrating an innovative investment plan and supporting documentation, answering questions and garnering the client’s agreement to proceed.

 Learning in the fast lane

Because we’re so impressed with the content and delivery of this course, we are arranging a fast-track week for B-Compliant clients who wish to test or enhance their practical skills.

The qualification will be delivered by PFE’s experienced team over an intensive five days of video calls and will give you much more one-on-one time with the examiners than you would receive otherwise.

We are planning to run the fast-track course in February/March and there are just ten places available, costing £1199 + VAT per learner. If you would like to know more about the qualification or to reserve a place, don’t hesitate to contact us on (0161) 521 8641 or email:

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