We thought it was high time we introduced you to the team behind our blogs!

If you’re already a client, you’ll have met some of us, but there may be members of the b-hive who’ve yet to cross your path.

We each have a unique skill set and outlook on compliance and in this new ‘meet the team’ series, we’ll be taking a closer look at what makes our experts tick. What better place to start than with founder, director and the driving force behind B-Compliant, Vicky Pearce.

A seed of an idea

An armed robbery at my place of work in 2008 was a lifechanging, career-defining moment. The lack of support I experienced, coupled with the pre-credit crunch sales culture, made me rethink my future.

After years in customer facing financial positions, this was the turning point for me. I decided to focus on compliance because I believe in providing a service, protecting people and most importantly, having a positive impact on our industry. I rose quickly through the ranks at national networks and compliance support firms, ultimately becoming head of compliance at an award-winning wealth management firm with an HNW client portfolio.

The itch to achieve more was still there, however, so I launched B-Compliant in 2018 into a highly competitive market that provides a service that is all too often viewed as an ‘overhead’ rather than an ‘investment.’

Why did I take the plunge into business ownership? I’d spotted a gap in the market. A need for hands-on compliance support that the large providers just weren’t willing or able to provide. The SMEs in our industry simply don’t have the time, expertise or resources to handle the ever-increasing regulatory burden and I want to give them a lifeline. We fill that gap by identifying what work needs to be done to maintain compliance within your firm and then, where necessary, going away and doing it on your behalf.

A steep learning curve

Learning how to run a business at the same time as servicing clients was a huge challenge, but one I have relished and the hard work is now bearing fruit.

B-Compliant continued to grow through the pandemic, thanks to the agile working model we already had in place and I now lead a team of eight who support firms from Scotland to the south coast.

I am a staunch supporter of women who juggle the demands of family with their profession and the majority of our team is female. I believe having flexible hours and an inclusive culture pays dividends for the business and our clients.

As a manager, I always try to lead by example. Indeed, I am currently acting as SMF 16 for a client who the FCA deemed not to possess the necessary experience internally and would not have authorised had I not agreed to step in. This is a responsibility I take very seriously and it illustrates how we differ from our competitors, as well as my personal commitment to helping our clients succeed. You can read more about this project in the firm’s testimonial.

Championing change

I am passionate about our industry and making it better. I believe, when it is done well, financial advice can be life-changing and it is the responsibility of compliance professionals to ensure standards are high, so clients receive better outcomes.

The collective experience and knowledge offered by women my age and older should be valued by our industry and every effort made to retain their services, yet many feel isolated and sadly, in some cases, unable to remain in their roles whilst dealing with the menopause.

I was thrown into a surgically induced menopause in 2021 following a hysterectomy and I know firsthand how hard it is to manage the gamut of symptoms. My experience has made me realise we need better working conditions for menopausal women and the only way to affect change is through greater openness and understanding. This is no mean feat in such a male-dominated industry.

We need to stop believing it is something to hide and start talking to our colleagues – women and men – about how it is affecting our daily lives. Simple changes to the workplace and the attitudes of managers can make a world of difference to women like me and ensure we continue to make a valuable contribution for years to come.

In my spare time, I seek to learn more and share more. I have mentored a number of women through the CII platform, Connect. Two have subsequently launched IFA firms and another is running a successful practice, so I hope the knowledge and life experience I have passed on will cascade down.

I am also involved with an initiative called ‘Big Sister Mentoring.’ It is a programme for vulnerable young girls who need a sounding board – a real person – to meet and speak with, to navigate their way through their challenging teenage years.

I have been able to engage the young women I’ve worked with and show them, through my own example, there is a big wide world out there, full of endless opportunities, including in the financial sector.

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