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26 March 2021 

Manchester-based B-Compliant is reminding all advisory firms that they must submit their entries to the FCA’s directory of certified and assessed persons by the end of the month.

The financial compliance experts are warning all certified staff, directors not performing senior management functions, sole traders and ARs must be added to the list by March 31.

B-Complaint director, Vicky Pearce, said: “Even though the FCA extended its original deadline for entries into the Directory Persons (DP), we are aware there are numerous firms who are yet to fulfil their obligations. In addition, we have seen a lot getting it wrong. As time is now limited, we would urge anyone struggling with their submission to seek specialist assistance.”

Under the Senior Managers and Certification Regime, the FCA is making details of certified individuals public, so consumers and fellow professionals can verify they are suitably qualified to hold senior roles in the financial services sector.

The FCA has produced a guide to completing DP data and a link is available from Connect to the register. Firms with multiple advisers can use the FCA’s template to upload entries together.

Vicky added: “Before completing a directory entry, you will need personal information for each individual, along with details of relevant activities in business areas where qualifications are necessary, membership of professional bodies and certification roles held, for example, client dealing, manager of certification employee, etc. We understand this can be quite onerous, especially for larger firms and are happy to assist, but time is running out.”

B-Compliant specialises in compliance for FCA regulated businesses, including financial and mortgage advisers, wealth, fund and discretionary investment managers, private equity firms and insurance brokers. For more information about making submissions to the directory of certified and assessed persons, telephone (0161) 521 8641, visit: www.b-compliant.co.uk or follow the firm on Twitter, @b_compliant.

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