Financial advisers appreciate hands-on support above all else when choosing a compliance provider, according to our clients.

We conducted a survey to find out what you think of our services and the majority of respondents considered ‘support and assistance in meeting regulatory requirements’ to be the most important factor in their relationship with us.

The emphasis on practical support was further reinforced when those surveyed were asked how they measured the value received from B-Compliant. In total, 50% of clients selected ‘knowing I have a go-to team to solve my regulatory challenges’, whilst another 25% opted for ‘simplifying the compliance minefield.’ Crucially, all of the respondents agreed that working with us had helped them achieve their compliance objectives.

Director, Vicky Pearce, said: “We have built our entire offering around removing the regulatory burden from advisers and working as part of their team to plug compliance knowledge gaps. It is, therefore, hugely satisfying to see our clients showing how much faith they have in this philosophy and demonstrating a real need for our kind of proactive support within the financial services industry.

“We decided to conduct a client survey so we could better understand how end users view the assistance we provide and look for areas in which we can improve. We want to ensure our standards of service remain high in the face of rapid growth and continue to offer an affordable alternative to the hands-off approach many of our competitors take.”

The survey found all respondents were satisfied with the communication they received from their compliance consultants and our understanding of their regulatory requirements. As a result, 89% said they would recommend us, with 76% saying they already had.

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