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2 February 2021 

We have launched a new service to help small, independent financial firms meet their regulatory responsibilities and outsource complicated, time-consuming back office tasks.

Subscribers to our Partnership Package receive a compliance monitoring plan, which we then manage for you, submitting information to the regulator as required.

All you need to do is provide us with the necessary background and sign off work before it is presented, allowing you to retain full control.

Director, Vicky Pearce, said: “The volume and complexity of Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulations can be overwhelming for adviser firms, who want to focus on their clients, rather than worry about compliance issues. Using our Partnership Package, you can hand over this area of administration to us, safe in the knowledge it will be completed competently and diligently.

“Dealing with compliance issues on a reactive basis opens up advisers to risk and most small firms have neither the competence nor capacity internally to be proactive. By utilising available technology, we can become the compliance team for clients across the UK, providing a level of safety and security you would otherwise be unable to access.”

Our Partnership Package also includes staff training, regular reports and updates on compliance issues, policy reviews, complaint handling and much more. It is cost effective and simple to bolt onto existing business practises, effectively outsourcing all compliance tasks.

For more information about our new Partnership Package, don’t hesitate to give us a call on (0161) 521 8641.

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